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Countertops from Floor & Wall Design


Installation of solid surface granite counter tops make for an amazing kitchen remodel. Our granite kitchen installer will cut each slab of granite to best utilize as much of the stone as possible reducing granite waste meaning cheaper granite costs. Floor and wall design in Lewisville offers free in home estimates. We take the current covid 19 situation very serious and always wear masks when we are working in our customers home. Learn more
Cabinets from Floor & Wall Design


No remodel is complete without a new set of cabinets designed to take advantage of your new found spaces. Designing your custom cabinet layout is a fairly simple process. Custom cabinets can have lead times of several weeks before delivery. Come by our cabinet showroom in Lewisville TX. Learn more
Flooring from Floor & Wall Design


Flooring options come in several variations such has hardwood and engineered wood. Many customers choose their flooring based on their lifestyles. If you have pets such a dogs then you will want to look for something that has a high tolerance to resist scratching. Do you have young children where accidents and spills are common? You may want to look into flooring that provides water resistance or even better water proof. These are just a couple questions you should ask yourself when choosing your flooring.
Kitchen remodels from Floor & Wall Design

Kitchen remodels

Kitchen remodels are a great way to have a wow factor when friends and family visit your home. Looking to sell your home? Looking to a buy a fixer upper, kitchen remodels are the number one sought after additions in a home. This can also drastically increase your property value giving you instant equity into that new remodel home. The kitchen is the central location for most social gatherings. Let us show you how we can maximize your kitchen space and give you a beautiful kitchen to enjoy for many years to come.
Bathroom remodels from Floor & Wall Design

Bathroom remodels

Remove that old bathtub and change into a large walk in shower and replace those old cultured marble vanity counter tops with granite, quartz or marble. Many of the homes for sale in the Lewisville area are older with very outdated amenities and they just lack the modern feel of newer built homes. Is the shower head too low? Is the bathtub too narrow? Are your floors slippery when wet? Bathroom remodels can give you so much more back in return. Most people start their day off in the bathroom getting ready for the days adventures. Wouldn't it be nice to have your bathroom designed so you can maximize the space and begin your day in a spa like space.
Backsplash from Floor & Wall Design


Backsplashes can be the hardest decision to make because the options are endless. These options include glass, granite, marble, stone, wood, and tile to name just a few. We have helped many homeowners through this process and the results have been outstanding. Because of the nature of how a backsplash goes together you can let your creative mind go wild and not be limited by the material used. Backsplash materials come in a variation of sizes, colors, patterns, textures and designs.
Home painting from Floor & Wall Design

Home painting

The best known secret is that painting your home is the biggest value upgrade you can do. This relative, low cost, must have remodel, will refresh and update the look of your home. We can paint both the interior and exterior, remove old wall paper, repair damaged walls and remove popcorn ceiling. Do you have window shutters that are starting to fade due to the extreme Lewisville Texas summer heat? How about wood planks that paint is starting to chip away from? We can help you get that new home look back.
Installations from Floor & Wall Design


When choosing an installer you will want to take several items into consideration. Does the installer understand your vision? Does the installer provide feedback on what will work and what will not? Does the installer advise of potential issues before proceeding with work? As the home owner this is an investment you are making for you and your families future. At Floor & Wall Design we personally review the installation process and ensure everything is being done to the highest of standards. Because of our relentless pursuit of ensuring every job is completed to the best of our ability we can offer a 2 year warranty on all installations. We can offer this because we take great care in making sure we do it right the 1st time. Each home remodel is unique and installation times vary depending on type of job and overall complexity.
Remove popcorn ceiling from Floor & Wall Design

Remove popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings are very common in older homes especially around the Lewisville area. Removing that old popcorn ceiling is a great way to drastically change the appearance of your kitchen.
Additional services from Floor & Wall Design

Additional services


  • Wall repair
  • Lighting installation
  • Sink/fixture installation and plumbing
  • Demolition and haul away services
  • Kitchen & bathroom design center




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